Thursday, 15 November 2012

WoWcast 2.0 - Episode 00

And so it begins....

Episode 0 is now out in the wild!

It is currently available on iTunes and all being well should be on Stitcher soon.

No real show notes as we kind of just winged it and by we I mean Alachia and I. Sadly she is still not budging on the whole coming back to the game thing. Oh well.

Would love tons of feedback on the concept of the show / shows.

Looking forward to keeping the WoW conversation going :)

Oh and here is the address to the feed itself

WoWcast 2.0 - Episode #0

1 comment:

  1. Holy crap super, super SUPER excited about this podcast! I loved the first one and I loved how Alachia made it deeper and about community. I'm stoked you want to take that further Jeppy. If you would think I could possibly have anything to add, I would be thrilled to participate in whatever way you think would be best. (I'm Allecia13 on twitter btw, I think most folks know me by that name vs my real name on G+ lol)

    Anyway, W00t about the podcast! Looking forward to more! /hugs and *love* <3